Dr. Remzi Sanver

Dr. Remzi Sanver, born in 1970 in Istanbul, is senior researcher at the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS). His research on Game Theory and Collective Decision Making Theory has been published by several distinguished international scientific publishing houses. He is on the editorial board of various international scientific journals and the administrative board of scientific societies. Between 2011-2015, he served as the Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University. On top of his native language, Turkish, he is fluent in English, French and has elementary knowledge of Spanish.

Dr. Remzi Sanver has been initiated on 1991, at Ulku Lodge No. 3, working in the Orient of Istanbul under the constitution of the Grand Lodge of Turkey. He is still member of his mother lodge of which he was the Worshipful Master between 2003-2005. Brother Sanver served as the Grand Secretary of his Grand Lodge between 2007-2009 and its Grand Master between 2010-2013. Being a member of the Mimar Sinan Research Lodge, he has given several talks; written several papers on Freemasonry and published five monographs (in Turkish): “Initiation and its methodology”, “Regular Freemasonry and belief (also translated into Bulgarian), “Freemasonry: The story of those in search of the light”, “The revolution story of the forget-me-not flowers”, “The 1965 events in Turkish Freemasonry”.

Dr. Remzi Sanver is married and father of twins.