“Anavyssos”! A dark blue Aegean, the smell of pine trees, the sound of cicadas, beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets (Sounion!), but above all: friendship, cordially shared by masons and non-masons, men and women from everywhere. Friends exchanging ideas and arguments, inspiring each other during workshop sessions, over meals or moon-lit drinks on the beach! Obviously, we are looking forward to see our friends again -and make new ones- this summer!
Emma & Dolf Coutinho

I had the honour of being invited as a keynote speaker in the first workshop, chose to attend the second one as a delegate and intend to be there in subsequent ones. As an academic, I spend a lot of my time in conferences but rarely have I felt so welcomed and relaxed or have I experienced such lively debates in a collegial atmosphere, with not a hint of competitiveness. The beautiful venue and impeccable organization greatly enhance the experience.
Dr. Anna Zarkada, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Athens University of Economics and Business

A very beautiful companionship of people from around the world, who are interested in Freemasonry gather to exchange opinions, thoughts and reflections on the past, present and future. At the same time they enjoy the Greek hospitality, taste the Greek cuisine, swim in the blue waters of the Saronic sea, enjoying the warm sun and having fun in the sweet summer night while listening to good Greek music.
Giorgos Boussoutas – Thanassoulas